I Tawt I Taw a Putty Tat

This is a story about luck, you see….

This handsome guy was having a pleasant lunch alfresco when somehow a nice little bird drop him a surprise on his armpit! What?!!

The smart thing to do? Buy a new shirt to dress through the rest of the day.

Yeah…the thing is…after he removed all the tags he realised it was too big…too late!

Lucky him for the bird present and lucky you that can have this smart premium linen shirt as good as new!


Condition: used for about 6 hours. Very gently used!


Size: X-Large

Composition: 100% Linen

Colour: white and blue

Manufacturer description:

“Premium Linen is a collection using only the natural and high-quality lines produced in northwestern France or Belgium, dubbed as “French linen”.

The fabric is extremely breathable, and has outstanding water-absorbing/divergent properties. The fabric does not cling to your skin, and is nice and dry to the touch. The texture is filled with a pleasantly refreshing feel.

The unique, delicate wrinkles that develop as you continue to wear the clothing is one of the features that makes linen so attractive. Enjoy the natural expressions that only high-quality linens can create.”

Say no more! :)

I want to buy it!


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