I Want To Buy

At Dear Jumble we want to make things easy and enjoyable for everyone!

If you loved any item displayed here, let us know by emailing a list of all the items you want to buy to iwanttobuy@dearjumble.com . We will send you back a confirmation email letting you know if all items are still available and reserved to you.

Sometimes someone can be quicker then you and grab the item first. So be quick! It is first come, first served. :)

Once you have paid for your items using PayPal the seller will be notified and will then dispatch them to your chosen address.

Voilà! They are all yours for you to enjoy! :)

For your security we will only pay the seller once you have received your items. It is a simple 4 step transaction process:

  • Buyer pays Dear Jumble using PayPal, where funds are temporarily and securely held
  • Seller dispatch items sold
  • Buyer receives items and notify Dear Jumble to release payment
  • Dear Jumble pays seller

See? Hassle free! :)


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