About Dear Jumble

Have you ever noticed that around you in your beloved home you have a LOT of things that you don’t use? Yes you have, haven’t you? ;)

Well, the truth is we all have a lot of things we don’t use.

Why let something waste away unused, when you can pass it on to someone who will enjoy it?

In fact our homes are goldmines! They are filled with great things we don’t use anymore or have never used that could be turned into cash.

To be fair, there are things we donate, things we still use sometimes, but there are things we don’t use and don’t donate.

Poor things are these! They stay there alone…in the dark…at the furthest corner of wardrobes, cupboards and even under the bed or in bathtubs completely forgotten… oh my!

They could be somebody else’s treasure! :)

It is amazing how good it feels to send things you no longer use to someone who will appreciate them as much as you did and actually use them.

It will make you feel wonderful!

And so will buying used goods which is also a very smart way of keeping your home, your wardrobe and your life always fresh without ruining your bank account.

Buying anything used is less expensive than the new item. You can pick up good quality products for a fraction of the price and enjoy more variety for your pounds! It feels good!!

Extending the active life of products is great for the planet and for people. It promotes sustainability values by reducing unnecessary manufacturing and landfill.

It is all about good! Good for the planet, good for you, good for everyone! :)

So, please make yourself at home!

You are more than welcome to Dear Jumble, this nice little website made with lots of love for everyone looking to buy or sell wonderful pre-owned products.

We are committed to offer a more personal, casual and fun experience when either selling, buying or just checking out products.

You will only find great products listed on Dear Jumble. Most of them gently-used, some of them new, but all pre-owned by someone who took good care of them.

We hope you enjoy Dear Jumble as much as we do! It was made with you in mind, so you could have a fun and enjoyable way of buying and selling used goods.

See what is for sale here!

There are only great products!

See how easy it is to sell here!

You send us great pictures + the price you want and we do everything else!

See how easy it is to buy here!

You tell us what you want, send your payment and it is all yours!

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