I Want to Sell

Yay! So you’ve decided to clear out… that is exciting!! That means lots of free space for you, a little extra money to buy new things for all the free space you’ve now got and a happy new home for all your dear jumble!

Let’s do it!! :)

All you have to do is tell us why you are selling your item, including a few nice pictures of it on an email to iwanttosell@dearjumble.com. Remember to include its condition, brand (if it has one), size (if applicable), colour, material and the price you want for it.

Release the photographer in you! :) The better the presentation, the better your chances of selling your items!

We will do everything else!

So, let’s talk business!

You can sell anything you want from accessories to clothes, home items or that piece of art that just doesn’t fit with your room anymore. But bear in mind that not all the things sent to us will be accepted. This it to guarantee that all items offered on Dear Jumble are genuinely in good conditions and will make its new owner very very happy!

Your advert will be online as long as you want or until your item has been sold. It is completely up to you!

We will charge you 10% of the final price of your items to keep this nice little site going. :)

And finally, you will receive your money on your PayPal account once the buyer has received the purchased items. It is a simple 4 step transaction process:

  • Buyer pays Dear Jumble using PayPal, where funds are temporarily and securely held
  • Seller dispatch items sold
  • Buyer receives items and notify Dear Jumble to release payment
  • Dear Jumble pays seller

If you don’t have a PayPal account, please go to PayPal website and follow the steps to sign up for a personal account. It is free and will only take you about 5 minutes. Your PayPal account can be used to securely send and receive payments.

If you don’t sell it, we won’t charge you anything!

Super easy! We do all the hard work for you! :)

Let's sell!



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