Portable BBQ with cooler bag

Let’s picture yourself meeting your friends somewhere outdoor for a BBQ. Are you with me?

As you are getting closer everybody starts to worry a little bit! You are the one responsible for the food and the grill. But nobody sees you carrying lots of bags. They are now a bit anxious…where is everything you were supposed to bring? Oh-my-god-we-are-going-to-starve!!

But then they notice you are carrying a small round bag. They wonder what possibly could that be…oh! That is clever! You have everything packed together, including drinks..and they are already cold!



Brand: Gelert

Size: 26 x 25 cm

Weight: 850g

Material: steel. Chrome plated grates & enamelled fire bowl with built-in air vents.

Colour: Black

Items included: carry case includes cool bag, 2 plated grades, fire bowl and handle 

Manufacture’s Description:

The Gelert Portable BBQ is easy to assemble and folds away so you can transport it easily to your perfect BBQ spot. When storing it during the winter months just pop it inside the cooler bag, to save space and keep it all together.


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